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Do you live in Guildford and need help with your pebble dashing? If so, our Guildford pebble dashing services are here for you. Our experienced team can quickly and efficiently render, remove, repair, or clean your pebble dashing to give your house a fresh, clean look that will last.

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Guildford Pebble Dashing Removal Services

Guildford pebble dashing removal service

Our Guildford pebble dashing removal service can help you get rid of unsightly and difficult-to-clean pebble dashing. With our experienced team of professionals, we take care of removing all of the pebble dash from your house. This process is quick, efficient, and cost-effective, offering you an immediate transformation.

Our Guildford pebble dash removal service reinforces the natural aesthetic of your home, providing you with a cleaner and more contemporary look. It significantly reduces the amount of dirt and grime that builds up over time and makes it easier to keep your home clean.

When you choose our pebble dash removal service in Guildford, you benefit from a quality of finish that is certain to improve the look of your property. We will leave your home with an attractive and easy-to-maintain surface, giving you an improved level of comfort and convenience.

Guildford Pebble Dashing Repair Services

Guildford Pebble dashing repairs

If you need pebble dashing repair in Guildford, our professionals are here to help. With years of experience, we can restore your home quickly and easily. All you have to do is fill out our free estimate form and let us know exactly what you need. We can provide a price and timeline for the repair right away.

Our team is dedicated to providing top quality work. We understand that pebble dashing is an integral part of a home’s look, so we guarantee it will be done correctly. Our fast and efficient service will have your Guildford residence looking its best in no time. Don’t hesitate, contact us today and get started on your Guildford pebble dashing repair.

Guildford Pebble Dashing Rendering Services

Pebble dash rendering

Pebble dashing is an ideal choice for Guildford homeowners looking to improve their home’s visual appeal and also increase its value. The protective layer it provides is hard-wearing, so you won’t need to worry about constant re-rendering for many years. In addition, pebble dash render can be applied to a variety of wall materials, including brick, stone and concrete.

We pride ourselves in providing Guildford homeowners with a high-quality pebble dash render service. From preparing the surface to bringing your vision to life, our highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals will ensure your home looks its best.

We offer competitive quotes for our pebble dash rendering services, with no obligations. Request your FREE estimate today and find out how much it will cost to improve the look of your home.

Guildford Pebble Dashing Cleaning Services

Guildford pebble dashing cleaning service

Tired of your Guildford pebble dashing looking dull and uninviting? Let our Guildford pebble dashing cleaning service bring it back to life for you! Our thorough cleaning process will make your pebbledash look brand new. Our experienced cleaners will work carefully to remove all dirt and grime, leaving it sparkly clean. So don’t wait any longer; fill out our free estimation form and get started now!

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Guildford pebble dashing gallery

Guildford Pebble Dashing House Example
Pebble Dashed House and Garage in Guildford
Example of a pebble dashed house in Guildford
Guildford pebble dashed terraced house
Another example of a pebble dashed house front in Guildford
End of terrace pebble dash house in Guildford
Guildford Pebble Dashing House

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Here are some of the most common enquiries from Guildford homeowners regarding our pebble dashing services.

Does pebbledash offer waterproof protection?

Pebble dash, although not waterproof, is a suitable option in areas with high rainfall. The gravel component deflects the water away from the wall while the mortar acts as a shield to prevent water seeping inside.

How long will pebbledash remain in good condition?

Pebble dash is a classic and timeless exterior wall finish consisting of small stones or pebbles. How long this type of finish lasts depends greatly on how well it is installed, the quality of the materials used, and how well it is maintained over time. For instance, in an area with harsher winters, the pebble dash may not last as long.

Properly installed and regularly maintained pebble dash can last from 20 to 40 years. Cleaning and sealing the finish regularly is essential to ensure it stands up to the elements for as long as possible. Without the proper care, the finish could start to degrade and break down much sooner than anticipated.

Pebble dash is a classic and timeless exterior wall finish that can last for decades when properly installed and maintained. Taking the time to care for pebble dash, including cleaning and sealing the surface, can ensure it stands up to the elements for the longest period possible.

What is the cost of pebble dashing?

Pebble dashing is a viable choice for homes that are being built from scratch or renovated. It is quite economical and straightforward to apply – it can cover brick, concrete, or stucco surfaces. Generally, the overall charge is £50-£100 per square meter for the materials and labor.

Should pebble dash be painted?

Painting pebble dash may not be advisable due to several factors. The rough texture of the pebbles can impede an even application of paint, while the small size of the pebbles may lead to chipping and flaking when exposed to a powerful jet of water from a hose or power washer. Furthermore, the porous nature of the mortar or plaster foundation may cause paint to peel or blister in the long-term.

If you do want to paint your pebble dash then a good quality exterior wall paint should be used. Read our ‘The ultimate guide to painting pebble dash’ to find out more.

What is the cause of cracking in pebble dash?

Pebble dash may start to crack for a few reasons. Age can cause the coating to become brittle, thus more prone to cracking. Inferior materials or improper installation can also contribute to the coating becoming faulty over time. Moreover, movement in the wall beneath the pebble dash can also lead to cracking.

What is the cost of taking off pebble dashing?

The size and amount of pebble dashing needing to be removed will affect the cost of removal. Here are some approximate prices to provide a general idea:

House SizeRemove pebble dashing & re-renderRemove pebble dashing, restore & repoint brickworkTime
2 bed terraced house£2k - £3.5k£3k - £4k5 - 7 days
3 bed terraced house£3.8k - £5k£4.5k - £6.5k7 - 10 days
3 bed semi detached house£4.2k - £5.5k£6.8k - £8.5k10 - 14 days
4 bed detached house£6k - £7.5kStarting £10k14 - 21 days

Is it possible to clean pebble dash?

Although it may be tempting to pressure wash pebbles for a fresh look, this can actually damage render and cause the pebbles to fall out. A better option is to use a soft brush and soapy water. For persistent stains, you can use a diluted bleach solution, but be sure to rinse it off thoroughly afterwards to avoid damaging the render. To find out the best way to clean pebble dashing, read out guide: How to clean pebble dash yourself.

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