Exploring Wales and pebble dashing, a strange combination!

by | Aug 31, 2023

Pebble Dash Holiday North Wales

Our holiday in North Wales was truly amazing; it was a perfect combination of activities, sightseeing, and relaxation. We stayed in Caernarfon, an idyllic little town with a beautiful castle, amazing views, and plenty of good restaurants.

We made sure to make the most of our holiday, and on the first day we decided to visit the Llechwedd Slate Mine. This was really cool; we were taken deep underground in a tiny mining cart and we got to explore the dark winding tunnels and learn about the history of the mine. It was really fascinating and we got to see some unique minerals and fossils too.

The next day we decided to go to Zip World which was a huge hit with us all. We booked a zip line experience and it was incredible. We were able to zip over the lake at high speed, taking in the stunning views of North Wales and feeling the wind on our faces as we flew through the air. It was absolutely exhilarating and definitely one of the highlights of our trip!

We had also booked a day trip on an old steam engine which took us from Caernarfon to Beddgelert travelling through the beautiful Snowdonia mountains. It was a really enjoyable experience and we got to see some incredible sights. We also had lunch at a pub in Llanrwst, which was a nice touch.

The rest of our holiday was spent in and around Caernarfon and we noticed that many of the houses in the area were covered in pebble dash, a type of wall covering that is definitely a matter of opinion. We saw some buildings where the pebble dashing was in relatively good condition, with others where it was starting to look a bit worn and tatty due to the weather, probably from the year-round wet weather and colder temperatures Wales enjoys. We also saw some really beautiful old terraced town houses with pebble dashing which we thought would look particularly stunning if it was restored to the original brickwork.

It was during this holiday that we decided to look into offering our pebble dashing services in this beautiful corner of the world. We have taken the necessary steps and are now well on the way to fulfilling our dream, so watch this space!

All in all our holiday to North Wales was an absolute dream. We had such an incredible time and would highly recommend it to anybody looking for an inexpensive but fun and memorable holiday. From exploring the old mine, zipping through the air at Zip World, travelling through the gorgeous scenery on the old steam train, to just enjoying the beauty of Caernarfon, it was a trip we won’t forget.