Does pebble dash devalue your home?

by | Aug 10, 2023

Does pebble dash devalue your home?

Pebble dash has been a very popular choice as an external finish for walls on properties in the UK for a long-time. Many people associate pebble dash with a dated look and one that is unattractive and potentially devalues the property. But, in reality, this is not the case. Whilst most people would prefer an alternative to pebble dash, it’s important to understand that its presence does not automatically devalue a property.

In terms of aesthetic, it’s a personal choice whether you like the look of pebble dash or not. Many people immediately associate it with a dated look, typically seen on older homes from the 1950s and 1960s. It’s true that in some cases pebble dash can make a property look out-dated and unwelcoming. But thanks to its ability to mask uneven surfaces and its hard-wearing qualities, some people choose this option as it’s often more cost-effective than other wall finishes.

Some people choose to remove the pebble dash on the external walls of their home in order to give it a more modern appearance. However, it is important to bear in mind that this can lead to unforeseen issues. Removing pebble dash may uncover preexisting hidden damage that the pebble dash was initially put there to cover, requiring costly repairs to restore the original brickwork or wall finish.

One of the main reasons for the misconception that pebble dash devalues a property is because some potential buyers may be put off by its appearance. Whilst some houses with pebble dash can easily be modernised with a fresh paint job and a few small improvements, sadly this isn’t always the case. As such, some buyers may simply not be interested in viewing a property with pebble dash, no matter how small the job to remove it might be.

So pebble dash does not inherently devalue a property, but it can put off some potential buyers. Ultimately, pebble dash is an individual’s personal choice and anyone who likes the look of it can be sure that it’s a hard-wearing and practical finish with plenty of potential. However, those who don’t like the look of it should weigh up the potential cost of removing it against the cost of other walled finishes before they decide on a renovation.

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